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A great education starts with the right ride

With unmatched expertise in education and mobility, 4mativ expands transportation options that ensure each student’s access to learning opportunities, meet family needs, and fit district budgets.

Solutions for every district and school, no matter your needs

Comprehensive Efficiency Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of the current system, coupled with field-tested recommendations for immediate, medium-term, and long-term implementation.

Stability Sprint

Quick diagnostic of the current system producing solutions to immediately stabilize transportation service.

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Equity Analysis

Illuminate any current disparities in mobility outcomes and understand how to increase transportation equity.

Zero Emissions Pathway Plan

Identify opportunities for immediately reducing emissions and develop a long-term plan that outlines the pathway to achieving a zero carbon emissions future.

Embedded Performance Management

Develop a performance management culture that transforms your transportation outcomes by leveraging embedded professional development, technical assistance, and advisory services.

Annual Network Efficiency Audit

Review transportation performance across a network via an objective and externally-validated audit.

Bell Time Balancing

Evaluate current bell times and identify optimized bell times to improve service and sustainability.

EV Implementation Support

Effectively transition your fleet to electric vehicles by leveraging strategic analysis, project management, and advisory services.

Active Transit Mode Shift Analysis: Walk Zone, Biking and Carpooling

Identify and implement active transit and carpooling solutions.

Alternative Modal Options and Mode Shift Analysis

Identify and implement mode shift opportunities and alternative modal options.

Alternative Modal Options and Efficiency Analysis for Special Populations

Identify targeted opportunities for deploying alternative transportation solutions in order to increase efficiency and diversify operations.

Special Education Transportation Process & Accommodations Review

Assess the transportation accommodation process and costs in order to increase appropriateness, consistency, and efficiency.

Stakeholder Engagement Support

Plan and execute a broad stakeholder engagement strategy to harness family and community input related to transportation.

Strategic Workforce Pipeline Development

Diagnose your driver workforce pipeline needs and expand and diversify your driver supply.

Transportation Learning Network

Launch and nurture a Transportation Learning Network in order to build capacity and develop leaders to implement innovative mobility solutions.

Transportation Optimization Scenario Modeling

Model various transportation scenarios in order to align operations with planned or potential changes and realize optimal mobility outcomes.

Tech-Enabled Enrollment and Transportation Demand Verification

Verify enrollment and transportation information so students are ready for routing and registration.

Data Preparation Services

Geocode, transform, combine, shape, and clean transportation data for analysis and routing.

Tech-Enabled Transportation Management Services

Your full-service transportation manager, running all or the most complex parts of your operation. We fully deploy our technology platform, coordinate across modes and vendors, create new supply options, and optimize service.

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